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Smoked Tri-tip with Chile Dry Rub

smoked and grilled tri tip

Tri-tip is tough and dry when overcooked and the meat usually lacks flavor. The chile dry rub and smoking add a succulent flavor and slow roasting the tri-tip on the cool part of the grill to 120 F then flash charring the outside directly over the hot coals allow the meat to conserve its juices and develop a tender meat. You may accompany this meal with black beans, grilled roasted corn and grilled serrano peppers or green peppers.



Spanish Fabada (Fabada Asturiana)

Spanish Fabada (Fabada Asturiana)

Fabada is one of the 3 essential Spanish dishes alongside cocido and paella. This fabada preparation is a variation from the bible of Spanish cooking from Simone Ortega, "Recetas de Cocina". Find a link to buy the book through Amazon below in English or Spanish. Ingredients are key for this dish so make sure you have all of them, specially the pig's trotter and ear. You can get these from your local butcher. For the Spanish ingredients, in the US, you can visit the link below to La Española Meats, Inc.



Carolina-Mexican Barbecued Ribs

Carolina (Mexican) Barbecued Ribs

Serve these delicious ribs with watermelon slices and home made coleslaw on the side.

Ingredients for ribs:
2 sides pork baby back ribs or your favorite ribs
1/4 C chile powder (Gebhardt)
1 Tbsp ground black pepper (we use roasted peppercorns, then grind with coffee grinder)
1 Tbsp brown sugar
2 tsp Roasted Chile Ancho & Pasilla Chile Powder (Get these chiles dried from the supermarket. Clean seeds and stems, toast in oven then grind in coffee grinder)
2 tsp Garlic Powder
1 tsp dried thyme



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